Nov 22, 2014

Happy Wedding Day!!!

Despite this rainy weekend, we are full of joy, happiness and lots of happy smiles!  Today is wedding day in Arkansas and we are celebrating!!!  Join us as we wish these lovelies a very Happy Wedding Day!!!



Nov 21, 2014

Friday Favorites!!!

Friday Favorites are back, y'all and today we are talking two of our all-time favorites. . .
brushed lettering and wax seals!  Swoon, baby swoon!!!  These two small details are beyond impressive and beyond beautiful and here are a few of our favorite examples!!!

Brushed Lettering. . .
vintage map save the date 12 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Map Save the Dates
Oh So Beautiful Paper
Wedding Name Place Cards  / Escort Cards / Buffet Table Cards  Hand Calligraphy - Fleur-de-lis Wax Seal - Vintage Inspired on Etsy, $2.25
Etsy b
Once Wed
1920s Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Tere Hinojosa Creative via Oh So Beautiful Paper (2)
Oh So Beautiful Paper

Nov 20, 2014

Hello, Mrs. McElmurry!!!

Hey y'all! Well I have been married for 2 weeks now and it literally has been the best 2 weeks of my life!! Everyone always says that nothing really changes but they are wrong!! Chris and I have never been more in love than we are now! It seriously feels like every day that we have been married is better than the last! 

Today I'm sharing a sweet moment from our wedding day and what I think is a GREAT GIFT for YOU to give on YOUR big day, or anniversary or...  ANY special occasion: 

A Book of Memories!!!

This post is one I never thought I would ever write, but I am so thrilled I have the chance to. Chris and I both said no gifts for each other for the wedding day, but we both love surprising each other so that didn't last. We both were aware that we had gotten each other gifts but we had no idea what they were. Chris has been wanting a certain watch for about 6 years now. I knew it would be the perfect wedding day gift because he would never expect it. I have never seen this man so excited about any material object. He is still going on and on about it to this day, so I did pretty good!! Anyway, on to what this post is really about, one of my gifts from Chris. Just before I put my dress on my girls handed me two boxes wrapped in Tara and Co. paper. I knew right then he bought be jewelry (which is his favorite thing to buy me). I opened the first box and it was a diamond bracelet I fell in love with! I immediately put it on so I could wear something he gave me when we said "I do". The next box was a long strand of pearls. I was so happy with my gifts and then they brought one last box out. It was a bigger box also wrapped in Tara and Co. paper. I wondered what piece of jewelry could be this big. When I finally got it open it was an album. 

My mind started racing about what was in it. Had he made an album of all of the pictures of us over the past 3 years? Did he do a photo shoot and it was filled with pictures of him? I was at a loss to what was in it. I opened it up and the first thing I see is a picture of him holding my engagement ring on the day he proposed.

I still thought to myself, is it an album of our engagement party? I turned the page and immediately lost it. It was pictures of our proposal. As I looked through the album I just sobbed because I was so happy we had these and it was such a surprise!! 

I remember the day he proposed as I walked to meet him I was looking all over for Christopher or Nancy Nolan. I figured they were hiding somewhere! After I said yes to marrying him I asked where Nancy and Chris were and he said it was just us and our moment. Thinking back on this I can't believe everyone was able to keep this secret for almost a year. It was the best wedding present I could ever ask for. It even has me crying now while writing this post. I have the most thoughtful and sweetest man who I am lucky to call my husband. 

Below are the photos from the day he proposed. Photos are courtesy of the best friends we could ever ask for: Christopher and Nancy Nolan.

Ahhhhh, sweetest man husband on the planet. :)  LOVE HIM.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am that Chris hired someone to photograph our proposal. Yes, engagement, bridal, and wedding day pictures are wonderful, but this is a moment in my life that I am glad is documented. I have pictures of the love of my life asking me to marry him! So exciting!!! Ladies, tell your best friend, your mom, whomever to have your boyfriend (when he is ready to propose) hire a photographer to capture that special moments. 

That being said, there are many online services that can guide you through publishing YOUR very own Memory Book, and I encourage you to check them out.  However, if you've hired a professional photographer to document your special moments, perhaps they have their favorite publishers.  ;)

I'm off to write my next post!  See y'all next time. . .