Oct 17, 2011

Pick Your Pie!

Happy Monday TWP loves!  This crispy weather has me thinking outside the box....the cake box that is!  The traditional wedding cake is not your only option, believe it or not! Today many couples are incorporating their favorite treat and switching over to the other side. . . pie that is!  Couples are choosing to break tradition and step outside of the box, especially during the Fall season.  We are so excited to share these "out of the box" ideas with you, so join us and step into the pie box. . .
Adorable!!!  After all, not all men love cake but most are suckers for Grandma's homemade apple pie.  Therefore, make your groom's 'cake' something that he loves!  This is an easy way to incorporate his favorite things and even family tradition!  We just love this option, guarantee that your guests will and know that you will, too!  We'd love to hear your ideas.


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