Jan 13, 2012

Featured Vendor: KatEva Designs

Welcome to Friday, lovelies!!!  We have a most scrumptious treat to share with you today!  Meet Ms Shannon Jeffery, the mastermind and artisan extraordinaire behind KatEva Designs!!!  What is KatEva you ask?  Arkansas' newest, hottest, most fabulous custom jewelry designer!  That's what!!!
photo by Mike Kemp
Shannon is a fun loving, light hearted, creative soul who happens to have a very impressive resume. Before she decided to devote her life to creating custom jewelry, she managed Little Rock's River Market for 13 years!  We thought our readers would sooo love getting to know Shannon, so we asked her a couple of questions:

TWP:  Shannon, tell us a little bit about you.
Shannon:  I'm originally from Conway, AR.  I grew up there and graduated from Conway High School, then decided to go to UCA.  I've never been one to follow the crowd.  :)
TWP:  How did you become interested in jewelry design?
Shannon:  Well, I love to wear jewelry. . . so on a whim I decided to take a class to learn to hand-knot and strand pearls.  Go figure?  I fell in total love and started playing around with designs. My friends (and strangers, too!) began asking if they could buy some of my stuff.  So, I started selling it.  Ha!  Why not? From those early beginnings, I've honed my craft and perfected my skill. I'm proud of my work and I love what I do!  

TWP:  Where did the name, KatEva come from?
Shannon:  People ask me that question almost daily.  I'm proud to say I derived the name to honor my grandmothers, Kathleen Jeffery and JimEva Kelso.
TWP:  How did you turn KatEva into a real business?
Shannon:  Ha!  In those early days, I invited friends and family members to host at-home jewelry parties for me.  This enabled folks to see and wear the jewelry in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere.  Those parties just took off and happily, so did sells!!!  Before I knew it, I could barely keep up with orders.  Now, we're focusing more on boutique stores and custom orders.
TWP:  What is your vision for KatEva?
Shannon:  I just want to keep creating.  I'm loving designing for brides and wedding parties these days and want to grow that part of my business because it's so fun and meaningful to work with girls as they plan that ONE perfect day.  I LOVE every wedding I've ever been involved in.  I find it particularly gratifying to meet with a bride and listen to her ideas and then go back to my studio and craft the perfect jewelry for her.
TWP:  As an artist/ designer do you have any advice for brides?
Shannon:  Yes!  Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!!!  Be yourself and make sure all the little details of your wedding day reflect your personal style.  :)  Oh, one more thing!  Call me!!! 501-940-2002
:) TWP would like to thank Shannon for the interview.  And!!  Great news!!!  KatEva Designs will be at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Bridal Show this Sunday, January 15th!!!  If you plan to attend, you MUST find her!!!  She'll be at booth #174!  Love, LOVE!!!  She can also be reached by phone, 501-940-2002.  Give her a jingle if you're interested in having some dazzling one of a kind pieces made!!!

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Hope to see you !!! 


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