Apr 19, 2013

Featured Vendor: BoBrook Farms

For years Central Arkansas has craved and anxiously awaited a venue that provided the oh so famous "rustic chic" feel with a blank canvas.  Today, we've got just the place for you and all of the answers to questions you may already have!  Take a look at Little Rock's own, BoBrook Farms. . .
TWP:  I’ve always heard about BoBrook Farms - Pumpkin Patch, when did you get started in weddings?
BBF:  About two years ago the Bradford’s son, Bo Bradford was married at the farm. It was such a beautiful event that it was published as a feature wedding for the democrat gazette. We had such a huge response that within a couple months we started booking spring weddings at the farm! BoBrook Farms has been booking ever since!

TWP: How many people can BoBrook hold?

BBF: Capacity at the barn is around 500 people.

TWP: How big is the barn?

BBF: 40x100 Open span barn and 30x60 enclosed barn

TWP: Is there lighting?

BBF: The perimeter of the barn is lined with gondola style Italian lighting; the center of the barn has a large wagon wheel chandelier, flanked by two smaller chandeliers. There is also a beautiful illuminated burlap draping that is over the dance floor to make the perfect ambiance for your wedding!

TWP: What about power? 

BBF: The barn is wired with 7- 20 amp circuits on the poles and 12 outlets in the ceiling, it makes hanging additional chandeliers extremely easy!
TWP:  Are there restrooms?
BBF:  Yes! We have two bathrooms but if you have over 250 guests we encourage porta-potties be brought in.

TWP: What all would I need to rent that is not included in BoBrook Farms
BBF:  The rental includes 16 eight-foot farm tables and 60 eight foot benches.  We also have four whiskey barrels that can be used as cocktail tables.  We do not have any plastic tables, but do have party rental recommendations.

TWP:  Where do the girls get ready?  Guys?
BBF:   The girls get ready in “ Circle B Salon, which is an actual salon located on the farm. It is adorable and works perfectly for brides! The guys get ready in the “ Man Cave” complete with TV’s and couches

TWP:  Everyone loves an outdoor venue but there is always the fear of rain, what is your rain plan? 
BBF:  Depending on the size of the wedding, the rain plan can either be the 30X60 red barn or to actually have the ceremony underneath the pole barn.  The pole barn is built on a concrete slope and there is a grade in the ground which helps rain to not come into the barn as much.

TWP:  How long do we have the farm?
BBF:  The venue rental is from 8:00 AM-midnight.  Rehearsals are scheduled for one hour the week before the wedding depending on the availability of the farm.

TWP:  What is a CAD that is described in the BoBrook package? 
BBF:  It is a two dimensional software that allows us to place all of your tables and chairs/benches into the computer and send you a layout of what will fit into the actual space.  The client is responsible for moving everything where they desire it to be the day of.

TWP:  Do you offer day-of planning services?
BBF:  Yes! It includes management of ceremony rehearsal, eight hours of continuous direction and coordination, wedding day timelines and vendor itineraries.  Wedding Day coordination begins at $750.00.

TWP:  Is it comfortable for a Summer wedding or is it too hot?
BBF:  BoBrook Farms is located in the river valley so we do have a lovely breeze that definitely helps with the summer heat! We have had several clients rent tall circulating fans and place them at the perimeters of the barn, we have found this very helpful!

TWP: Can couples take their engagement pictures and bridal portraits at the farm?
BBF:  We would love to have you take your engagement and bridal pictures at the farm! Please call and schedule your portraits 2 weeks in advance. The only restrictions we have are that all pictures must be taken from the fenced area and beyond. The pond is not property of BoBrook Farms. Photo shoots for Brides not getting married at BoBrook are $50 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour.  Saturday availability is limited and payment is required before the shoot begins.

TWP:  Where does the ceremony take place?
BBF:  The wooden arbor is located underneath the 100 year old pecan trees that overlooks the pumpkin patch. It is absolutely beautiful and the perfect ceremony setting!

TWP:  What's the typical BoBrook Bride?
BBF:  We have such a wide variety of cliental! From “Country chic” to “Fancy Farm” we love seeing how every girl makes the farm her own.

TWP:  How does your pricing compare with other venues?
BBF:   We feel that when you compare BoBrook Farms with other venues and pricing for everything included in our rental it is a great value for your investment. 

TWP:  Why are y'all closed in October?
BBF:  BoBrook Farms is not available the Month of October for Weddings due to the Pumpkin Patch. Events during month of October must schedule setup after 5pm and will have limited access to the farm due to the nature of the activities and d├ęcor of the Pumpkin Patch.  

What an exciting venue to have the opportunity to use!  A family owned venue with a pumpkin patch, pole barn and endless opportunities!  If you're interested in learning more about the beautiful BoBrook Farms, simply click hereWe just love this venue and can't wait to see all of the lovely weddings that will take place here in the coming years!

Special thanks to Amy Carper of Carper Creative Photography for providing the above photos (unless otherwise noted).


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